Product Specifications

Product Specifications

For your convenience, a downloadable PDF of these product specifications is available at the bottom of the page.


Stüning™ Stone is made with a thin layer of real natural stone laminated to a fiberglass reinforced polyester resin backing.


Stüning™ Stone is available in 17 colors:
California Gold Multi-Pink Multi-Color Autumn White
Autumn Rustic* Indian Autumn* Ocean Green Copper
Silver Shine* Terra Red Silver Galaxy* Jeera Green
Ocean Black Gold Green* Golden Mount D-Copper
Black Stone


2‘ x 4’ panels available in all colors
4’ x 8’ panels are available in colors marked with an *

Other custom sizes available with minimum order.


Translucent stone panel with backlighting creates outstanding effects similar to quartz.
Available in size 2’ x 4’ and 5 popular colors: Copper – Multi Color – Terra Red – Autumn Rustic – Indian Autumn

Color Variations:

Stüning™ Stone sheets are made from real natural stone using a thin layer of the unique colors and textures found of these sedimentary stones. Just like natural slate, each sheet will vary in color, texture, hue and pattern. These variations are normal to the nature of the stone and add to the beauty of the uniqueness of each panel.


Due to the process and some variations of the thickness and texture of the stone, panel thickness will vary from approximately 1/16” to 1/8”.


The weight will vary approx between 4 to 6 pounds for a 2’ x 4’ sheet.


Stüning™ Stone and FRP backing are both stable in water and moisture. It can be easily used to cover moist and weather affected areas


Stüning™ Stone is stable from -20° to 176° F. The adhesive selection has to be according to the temperature exposure range.

Heat Transfer:

Stüning™ Stone does not enable any sort of heat transfer on either side.


Stüning™ Stone is stable up to normal pressure. It can resist high pressure provided it is not in concentrated impact form which could damage its surface.


Stüning™ Stone is a flexible, bendable material and can bend up to a 6” radius.


Stüning™ Stone does not expand or contract above 1 mm. A slight 1 mm groove in application will provide the needed room for expansion.


Stüning™ Stone offers various surface protective coatings like glossy, matte, environment protective anti-static, and fire retardant. Also available are water sealers, adhesives for inside or outside uses and caulking / grout in 12 colors.